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Did you know not all ladybugs are red and black, some are yellow, orange or even all black.
Sumatran Orangutan
Did you know Sumatran orangutans are an endangered species and without help, the wild population is predicted to become extinct.
American Alligator
Did you know an alligator’s tail, which accounts for half of the alligator’s total length, is used for aquatic propulsion and can also be used as a weapon of defense.
Caribbean Flamingo
Did you know the Caribbean flamingo's pink plumage color comes from the carotenoids they receive from foods such as algae, crustaceans and tiny mollusks—without these, the flamingo's feathers would be white.
Sea Lion
Did you know sea lions walk with four flippers when on land!
Asian Elephant
Did you know Audubon Zoo's elephants, Panya and Jean, collectively weigh more than five tons.
White Tiger
Did you know white tigers have blue eyes in contrast to regular Bengal tigers, which have yellow eyes.
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Did you know the average length of a hedgehog is 7-9 inches but when it rolls into a ball, the animal is about the size of a large grapefruit.
African Penguin
Did you know African penguins have a black stripe and black spots on their chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every penguin—just like human fingerprints.
Did you know Mydas, a 250-pound green sea turtle, can be found swimming through the Gulf of Mexico exhibit at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.
Sea Otter
Did you know Audubon Aquarium of the Americas has two sea otters that were found stranded and deemed unable to return to the wild. They found a new home at the Aquarium where they gladly show visitors how fun it is to be a sea otter.
Did you know no matter how large or small a clownfish may be, they only have 3 stripes one at the head, middle and tail.
Southern Stingray
Did you know the eyes of a stingary are located on top of their bodies. Since they don't see well, stingrays rely on electro-receptors and a good senses of smell and touch to locate their prey.
Sand Tiger Shark
Did you know adult sand tiger sharks are some of the largest sharks growing up to 9 feet long and weighing as much as 640 pounds.
Did you know mosquitos have terrible eye sight and can only see as far as 30 feet.
Honey Bee
Did you know A honey bee flies up to 15 mph and its wings beat 200 times per second.
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Did you know the wings of the blue morpho butterfly are not really blue. These butterflies have scales on the tops of their wings with tiny ridges that reflect blue light!
Monarch Butterfly
Did you know monarch butterflies are poisonous. They won’t harm humans, but they have a poisonous defense against predators like frogs, birds, mice and lizards.
Audubon Signature Package
This special package adopts the three animals of Audubon Nature Institute's logo: white tiger, monarch butterfly and sand tiger shark!
African Penguin Chick
Did you know African penguin chicks reach full size at three months but they won't get their black and white feathers until they are about 14 months old.

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