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Jazz Playground CD

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Jazz Playground is an exciting album of jazz songs by a diversity of performers, and composed to entice children. Offering an eclectic medley of styles ranging from bebop to swing to Latin and African jazz, Jazz Playground celebrates the many evolutions of jazz worldwide (some of the songs trace their origins from places as far away as Japan, Israel, or the Netherlands).


Though a family-friendly album, Jazz Playground will also get parents, babysitters, and other adults tapping their feet and snapping their fingers to the lively, rollicking music! Especially recommended for parents who love jazz and want to show their children how much joy it can bring. 


The tracks are "Stomp, Stomp", "Spider-man", "Cumbamba", "Sur Le Pont D'Avignon", "Little Lamb Jam", "Gazooba", "Sing a Song of Sixpence", "Zuignapje", "Shortnin' Bread", "Agree & Disagree", "Dois Meninos", "Oyatsu no Jikan", and "This Little Light of Mine". 

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