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Wetland Express

The Wetland Express is a mobile educational program sponsored by the New Orleans Pelicans. This program offers an up-close experience with our wetland’s most important inhabitants. Students will learn about the wildlife that depends on the wetlands for their homes, meals and nurseries.  This connection to wetland animals will help to foster future stewardship to protect Louisiana’s most important resource-the wetlands.

Wetland Express is reserved on a first come, first-served basis. Please book early, we are booked 2-3 months in advance.


Wetland Express accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance. 

Reserve Wetland Express Today!

In lieu of a mileage fee we now require a 2 program minimum for presentations outside of Orleans and Jefferson parish. You can collaborate with other teachers at your school and nearby facilities or contact us to find out when we will be in your area!

Wetland Express offers programming to groups of all sizes and ages including schools, camps, churches and more! All programs include 3-5 live animals. Wetland Express presentations are now offered in English and Spanish! Wetland Wildlife Express presentations types include:

  • Schools & Camps:  The Wetland Express features a 30 - 45 minute interactive lesson for classroom sized audiences up to 26 people for Pre-K-1st grade and up to 35 people for 2nd grade and above, $75.00 per presentation.
  • Hospitals & Libraries: The Wetland Express program includes an assembly style presentation for audiences of all sizes, $100 per hour.
  • Assembly Programs: The Wetland Express features an interactive presentation for up to 150 people, $275 per presentation.
  • Fairs & Festivals: The Wetland Express features tabletop program where guests are encouraged to explore the inhabitants of Louisiana's Wetlands, $200 per hour (up to 3 hours).

Classroom Programs:

CSI: Louisiana Swamps (2nd - 5th) The swamp is disappearing...where is it going? Who is responsible? We'll bring in all the "suspects" and discuss their involvement in our ecosystem as we investigate the clues left behind and figure out who is to blame for Louisiana land loss.

Styled for the Swamp (6th - 9th) Camouflage, tails, fur or scales, everything is designed with habitat in mind! Why is an owl crepuscular? What is the point of a forked tongue? We'll design our own critters and then compare adaptations to a real live swamp animal.

Wetland Charm (2nd-5th) Learn about all of the components that make up our Louisiana Wetlands by creating a unique wetland charm to take home.  Then, meet the special animals that utilize this important ecosystem.

"Down in Louisiana" - Animal Nursery Rhymes Wetland Style! (preK - 1st) It's story time! Sing along as we travel through local children's author/songwriter, Johnette Downing's book, "Down in Louisiana". Throughout the story we will explore the various habitats Southern Louisiana has to offer and meet some of the animals that live there.

Assembly Programs:

Loup Garou, Friend of the Swamp (1st - 5th) In this choose your own adventure style presentation, students will take a journey through the swamp where they will encounter animals of all kinds, even the Loup Garou!  This program focuses on wetland conservation and is optimal for an assembly.

Gumbo Pot (All Ages) The wetlands are a big ol' mix of plants, animals, and of course WATER! But it takes a little swamp voodoo for things to cycle through just right. Help us discover the magic of the wetlands as we present our animals in this engaging assembly-style presentation.

For additional questions about Wetland Express or if you are looking for something specific, call (504) 378-2639 or email us.

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