Chats and Feeds

Chats and Feeds

Ape Feeding

Come witness the Ape Feeding at Audubon Zoo's World of Primates Exhibit. Read more »

Bug Toss

Bug Toss at the Zoo's Audubon Aviary. Read more »

Bushmaster Exhibit Activity

Take part in this special chat at Audubon Zoo's Reptile Encounter Exhibit. Read more »

Elephants on Exhibit

Visit Jean & Panya in Asian Domain across from the White Tiger exhibit from 10am – 12pm. Read more »

False Gharial Feeding

Witness the False Gharial Feeding at Audubon Zoo's Reptile Encounter. Read more »

Giraffe Presentation

Experience the Giraffe Presentation at Audubon Zoo's African Savanna Exhibit. Read more »

Komodo Feeding

Be witness to the Komodo Dragon feeding at Audubon Zoo's Reptile Encounter. Read more »

Large Gator Feeding

The big boy of the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit loves his supper. Read more »

Otter Snack

Come see the Otters feed at Audubon Zoo's Louisiana Swamp Exhibit. Read more »

Pelican Feeding

Enormous African pelicans feed on fish in the Zoo's African Savanna. Read more »