Exhibits and Attractions

Exhibits and Attractions

Flamingo Exhibit

Zoo visitors are greeted with a parade of pink feathers. Read more »

Jaguar Jungle

Enter Jaguar Jungle and an ancient civilization. Read more »

Language of Conservation

Poetry appears in the Audubon Zoo. Read more »

Louisiana Swamp Exhibit

This award-winning exhibit features Louisiana culture, wildlife and history. Read more »

Monkey Hill

Climb to the top, visit the tree house or wade in the pool at Monkey Hill. Read more »

Reptile Encounter

Reptiles rule at the Zoo. Read more »

Safari Simulator Ride

Take a wild excursion on the Safari Simulator Ride. Read more »

Sea Lions

Make a splash with the sea lions and learn how they survive in the wild. And meet Zoey, our new sea lion pup! Read more »

South American Pampas

Travel below the equator to the South American Pampas Read more »